New 12v 10w Standard Solar Panels with Bracket and Hardware, 20' cord with Buckeyecam connector, plug and play.

Camouflage, pretty much any design you want.

Field tested and ready for purchase



​Ruggedized solar panel and adjustable HD bracket.

12v 11.25w solar panel enclosed in a all-aluminum adjustable bracket with stainless steel hardware. The bracket is adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees. If you are having problems with weather conditions destroying your solar panels this is the combo for you.

Stand-Alone 12v 10w Solar Panels/Power pack (Standard or Hidden).

No more large batteries or battery boxes to hide in the landscape. 

It will plug directly into the Buckeyecam cameras or echo, eliminating the Buckeyecam battery box. It does have all the same safety features built in to protect the camera and over charging battery. Also, no battery voltage drain at night back to solar panel.

For field setup, you will only need to carry the camera and solar panel, instead of camera, battery box and solar panel.

Currently being field tested and working flawlessly, pictures to come in the near future.

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